Thursday, July 21, 2005

ladybugs from hell

there are certain things you must adjust to when you move to a new area. relocating into the midwest has almost been like moving into a foreign country. i have to remember that you can't have most plants all year round like in california. i miss having rosemary in my kitchen for cooking purposes. i can only get a few sprigs wrapped in cellophane in the supermarket here for $2.50 a package. what cheek! you would think that the summer weather here would be perfect for rosemary. i need to keep searching.

another thing i never would have expected, something that i have never heard of before are yellow ladybugs that bite. apparently, at some point near the end of the summer or during early fall, building windows and any other openings are bombarded by the kamikaze cousins of our cute little red ladybug. i have seen the evidence of their past skirmishes littering the window ledges and doorways. little yellow shells, paled by the sun drying out into tiny dry hulls. i now know that this is not some corny urban legend set up to pull the leg of unsuspecting new transplants such as myself. my only question now would be is there some sort of protective charm to ward them off from biting you like garlic is said to work with vampires? i'm almost looking forward to my first real season with the tiny terrors. stay tuned to see if i survive my first swarming, biting ladybug attack!


steelcowboy said...

Never heard of biting yellow ones.. we get a gazillion red ones which get into EVERYTHING, but they don't bite at least....

M said...

yellow ladybugs? didn't know they existed either.

could really use your input in my latest far should a woman go to have the love of her life IN her life?